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500,000-Ton Recycled Packaging Paper Pulping Project

The paper machine of this first phase project is the fourdrinier multi-cylinder 5400/750 high-strength corrugated paper production line. The paper machines of the second phase project are the fourdrinier multi-cylinder 5400/850 low-weight and high-strength corrugated paper production line and the fourdrinier multi-cylinder 4400/550 high- weight and high-strength corrugated paper production line.

Installation Details

The complete set of pulping equipment provided by Leizhan company includes chain conveying system, dry bale breaker system, drum pulper system, one grade second stage high density cleaner system, coarse screening system, fine screening system, tailing slag treatment system, pulp chest/pulp tower agitator, approaching system, etc.

The recycled packaging paper pulping project machine is hot selling in Leizhan company for it’s stablr running and less cost, welcome to consult us. If you have any need: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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