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JB Series Agitator


Model Vane Diameter Consistency Chest Volume Motor Power(kw)
JB500 ɸ500 mm ≦5% 20-50 m3 5.5/7.5
JB600 ɸ600 mm 30-60 m3 5.5/7.5/11
JB700 ɸ700 mm 35-70 m3 7.5/11/15
JB750 ɸ750 mm 40-75 m3 11/15/18.5
JB850 ɸ750 mm 50-85 m3 15/18.5/22/30
JB1000 ɸ1000 mm 70-110 m3 15/18.5/22/30
JB1150 ɸ1150 mm 80-120 m3 18.5/22/30
JB1250 ɸ1250 mm 90-140 m3 22/30/37
JB1350 ɸ1350 mm 100-150 m3 30/37/45
JB1500 ɸ1500 mm 120-180 m3 37/45/55
JB1800 ɸ1800 mm 150-230 m3 45/55/75


JB Series Paper Pulp Chest Agitator is used to stir pulp cyclically in square chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition, which ensures the pulp components even distribution, and it is good for fully reaction of chemical liquid.


1. Mainly used to stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition, which ensure the pulp components even distribution.
2. Advanced blade design, strong thrust. It can be adjusted the angle according to the concentration of the slurry.


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