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1500TPD Pulp Making Line In Zhengzhou

Over the years, Leizhan company has supply many times the paper making line machine for paper mill around world, Lately, Leizhan signed a new contract with Zhengzhou Dongmiao paper mill to build a whole set 1500tpd pulp making line.


Item:  1500tpd pulp making line
Time: Mar 31th, 2023
Country: China
Production stage: conveying, screening, pulping, cleaning, refining
Installation way: Leizhan engineer in charge of the whole installation and adjustment work

Leizhan is delicated to provide advanced equipment for customers and keeping pace with the times. And our paper and pulp machine has its unique strength to help you get better profits. please feel free to email us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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