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450TPD High-Strength Corrugated Paper Making Project, Jiangxi, China

In August, 2017, Leizhan delivered paper pulping equipment for 450tpd high-strength corrugated paper making project, Jiangxi, China, this deliver paper pulping equipment contains light impurity separator, high density cleaner, drum pulper drive device and feed hopper, etc.

Light Impurity Separator Equipment

Light Impurity Separator Equipment is mainly used for removing light impurities in the pulp and tailing in coarse screening section, usually it used with reject separator will have the best effect.

Light Impurity Separator with vertical structure, and the cutter is horizontal placement, so the effect of separating impurities is more thoroughly than fiber separator equipment.

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi Paper Making Mill, China

Time: August, 2017

Project: 450TPD High-Strength Corrugated Paper Making Project


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