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Pulp Cleaner Equipment Tips

Pulp Cleaner Equipment is for removing impurities in the pulp to clean pulp. In running process, there are some tips about pulp cleaner equipment.

How Cleaner Equipment Work?

The heavy impurities are rotated outwardly and run down along the cleaner equipment inner wall with the impact of centrifugal force; Light impurities concentrate to the middle, flow up in the role of pulp flow.

What’s The Cleaner Equipment Advantage?

1. High efficiency impurities removal

2. Good runiness, flexible assemble system

3. Equipped with valve, replacement of wear parts

The Cleaner Equipment Tips

1. The cleaner equipment is worked under a certain pressure difference.

2. The pressure must remain stable.

3. The pressure has an effect on flow rate, concentration, concentration factor and deslagging efficiency.

4. In order to avoid blocking and unnecessary wear, and get a good deslagging efficiency, the correct pressure set is very important.

5. Under normal circumstances the cleaner equipment is connection in series, the first is mainly to remove impurities, the others is mainly for fiber recovery.


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