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Paper Mill Couch Roll For Sale

In response to the needs of the public and the paper market, Leizhan company has developed and supplied couch roll. The paper machine spare part roll are of high quality and attractive price. Many customers have implemented it in their projects and experienced great benefits.

Couch Roll Details

Upper Couch Roll: Smoothes the sheet and further increases dehydration before felting.

Mesh Couch Roll: The cylinder couch roll moves relative to the sheet to nip the cylindrical die, dehydrate the sheet passing through the cylindrical die, and transfer the sheet to the felt bottom, which transfers the sheet to the press part.

Dehydration Couch Roll: In cylinder mould paper machine, the dewatering couch rolls run relative to the dewatering cylinder mould, which is located behind the last forming cylinder and forms a space for dewatering before the sheet is conveyed to the vacuum cylinder or the first press.

In addition to couch roll , we can also provide many other types of pulp and paper making machinery. And you can get preferential rates and professional and responsible services. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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