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600,000 T/A Grey Board Pulping Project

Recently, we have received an order from Jiangsu Jintian Paper. The customer’s second phase 600,000 t/a grey board pulping project requires some pulping equipment. We hope that these equipment can bring them profits as soon as possible.

Installation Information

Leizhan Company provides: Complete pulping line and approaching flow system equipment for PM18/PM19 grey board paper machine Including: bale breaker system, drum pulping system, screening system, high (low) density cleaner system

As a professional manufacturer of paper machines and pulping equipment, Leizhan company has successfully cooperated with many paper-making industries at home and abroad. This 600,000 t/a grey board pulping project further proves our machine’s quality.

If you want know more details, welcome email us at any time! Email address: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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