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Pressure Screen For Paper Pulping

The pulp from the pulping workshop may contain some impurities, which will inevitably affect the quality of paper, and even cause damage to the equipment. So pressure screen equipment are needed to remove impurities in the pulp and evenly disperse the pulp.

Pressure Screen Equipment Notes

1. Pressure difference increases suddenly: Generally the sieve drum is blocked, so immediately reduce the amount of inpulp.

2. Air in the pressure equipment: Open the exhaust valve at the top of the pressure equipment to release the air.

3. Unstable inpulp volume: Maintain stabilization of the pulp pool liquid level, opening of inpulp valve, fine pulp and tail pulp valve stable.

4. Unstable current: Generally related to the pulp concentration, valve opening and so on; The belt slip, paste sieve, sieve drum damage also will cause the current instability.

Pressure Screen Equipment Operation Attention

Be sure to start the pressure sieve before starting the fan pump. Reasonable regulation in the production, reasonable control of pressure difference. Always pay attention to the inpulp concentration, flow and valve opening and some other changes in the process parameters.

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