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Paper Testing Instruments

Paper testing instruments is necessary for testing paper quality in paper industry, there are different paper testing equipment for different needs.

Different Paper Testing Equipment

Tensile Strength Tester: Measuring range: 0-500N (can be customized); Load accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5%; Tensile speed: 5.5~180.0mm/min (adjustable); Return speed: 5.5~180.0mm/min (adjustable); Test maximum stroke: The largest 360mm; Power: AC220 ± 10%, 50Hz.

Pulp Beating Degree Instrument: Measuring range: (1~100)°SR; Indicator cylinder scale value: 1° SR; Overflow discharge time: (149±1)s; Remaining volume: (7.5~8)ml

Paper Bursting Strength Tester: Capacity selection: Low pressure type 0.7-14kg/㎝2(0.1kg/cm2); Clamp ring material: Stainless steel304; Upper ring low pressure type is 30.50mm, Lower ring low pressure type is 33.10mm; Pressurization rate: Low pressure type 90±5ml/min; Horsepower: shock motor 1/4HP.

Water Absorbency Tester: Test area: 100±0.2㎝2; Test water consumption: 100±5ml; Roller length: 200±0.5mm; Roller quality: 10±0.5kg; Overall dimensions (mm): 460×320×400.

Absorbable Sampler: Sampling area/size: Φ125mm; Sampling area error: ±0.1mm; Sampling thickness: (0.1~1.0)mm.


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