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Paper Pulp Single Effect Fiber Separator

Single Effect Fiber Separator is advanced separator equipment mainly used for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp, separating light and heavy impurities from the pulp to improve equipment production capacity and reduce energy consumption.

Single Effect Fiber Separator Equipment Structure

1. Cylinder body: The cylinder is divided into two parts, cylinder body and cleaner, they are connected by heavy impurity outlet pipe.

2. Impeller: Impellers are inclined straight tooth type, when rotataion, produce strong centrifugal force in the circumferential direction, and produce negative pressure between the cutter and sieve plates, clean sieve effectively, at the same time, heavy and light impurities will be pulled to forward cover direction.

Single Effect Fiber Separator Equipment Feature

1. Energy-efficient VOKES rotor has a secondary effect on the slurry

2. Self-configuration heavy slagging function, which can effectively remove the heavy impurities brought by the previous process, increase equipment service life, reduce maintenance costs

3. Light impurities discharged from the center under the centrifugal force of high-speed rotating, improve the quality of paper

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Paper Pulp Single Effect Fiber Separator

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