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Paper Machine Vibrating Screen Separator


Vibrating screen is mainly used for the screening of coarse pulp in the pulp and paper industry. After the slurry enters sieve body, the sieve body vibrates upwards, and an instantaneous negative pressure is generated in gas seal chamber, so that fine slurry is accelerated through screen hole into slurry storage tank, and sieve residue is blocked on the sieve plate. The vibration of sieve body make sieve residue moves toward the outlet end to be discharged. The water spray pipe dilutes concentrated sieve residue, which is beneficial to continuation of screening, and reduces fiber loss.

Main Tech Para

Model: ZSK3
Screen area: 3m²
Hole screen diameter: Ø3-Ø5mm
Slot screen width: 0.5-2.0mm
Product capacity(hole): 25-75t/d
Product capacity(slot): 11-25t/d
Feeding pulp concentration(hole): 1.0—1.5%
Feeding pulp concentration(slot): 0.5—0.8%
Power: 4KW

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