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High Consistency Hydrapulper Equipment

High consistency hydrapulper equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in waste paper deinking process, what’s the h.c. hydrapulper equipment structure?

H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment Structure

High consistency hydrapulper equipment is mainly consist of tank, impeller, rotor, screen plate and other components. The main pulping structure is the impeller and rotor. When the impeller and rotor rotate, the high concentrated pulp makes a radial movement, and at the same time, the two-headed spiral blades on the rotor rotate and rotate axially from the side of tank so that the waste paper accelerates and hydrates in the tank. As the waste pulp in the tank in a state of high concentration, through the impeller and two helical blades for axial and radial movement, fiber friction with each other, so that the ink particles and fiber separate. In addition, since the shearing point of the rotor and the helical blade is weak, only the light substances in the waste paper can be peeled off, and no debris will be formed, facilitate the pulp screening.


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