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Effect Of Fiber Properties On Paper Properties

The fiber length, thickness and strength, as the basic properties of fiber, have a direct effect on paper sheet forming and paper properties, so what’s the effect of fiber on paper properties?

What’s The Effect Of Fiber On Paper Properties?

1. Fiber Length: Fiber length has a wide range of effects on paper properties, covering almost all of the strength properties and forming, but the effect extent is very different. Fiber length for a certain paper have a minimum length limit, less than this limit, it will affect the paper quality, so the fiber length should be longer than the minimum length limit, it will improve the paper quality. In general, longer fibers give the paper a higher strength, especially for poorly combined paper. When the paper sheet is well bonded, the effect of the fiber length is less important.

2. Fiber Thickenss: The effect of fiber thickness is due to the fiber binding. Thicker fiber cell wall is thicker, the unit mass of medium fiber is less, specific surface area is smaller, thus the paper sheet is thick, porous, rough, uniformity is poor, opacity is small, the paper tensile strength is poor, but the tear strength is large, so it’s suitable for making the paper of large thickness and porosity; And the smaller thickness fiber is expected to produce high strength, stiffness, smoothness and opacity paper.

3. Fiber Strength: The effect of fiber strength on paper sheet strength is also closely related to the fiber binding degree. For the poor binding paper, the effect is small, because the paper sheet break occurs mainly at the binding joint, not the fiber fracture; For the good binding paper, the fiber strength greatly affect the strength properties, which controlled by the fiber breakage, and the decrease of fiber strength results in a significant decrease in paper tensile strength, bursting strength and resistance, particularly is the decrease in folding resistance.


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