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Differences Between Heavy And Light Impurities Cleaner

Heavy Impurities Cleaner and Light Impurities Cleaner are mainly used to remove impurities in the waste paper pulp. Heavy Impurities Cleaner adopts counter-flow cleaners, while Light Impurities Cleaner adopts downstream flow cleaners.

Working Principle Of Both Cleaners

1. Fine pulp and impurities of the counter-current type cleaner are started to move downwards together, and are gradually separated in the cyclone process, only to the vicinity of lower end slag discharge port, and then a part of fine slurry is separated from the slag slurry, and then flows upward. At this time, the cross-sectional area of cleaner is small, the speed of flow is fast, and the mixed flow of two parts can be avoided at the interface, so that reducing purification efficiency.

2. It is based on this consideration that the downstream slag discharge port can maintain the separation state of original fine pulp and slag pulp, and the mixing of two can be reduced as much as possible when the density is higher in outer layer near the wall of device, and the center density is small. Therefore, Light Impurities Cleaner has rarely used counter-current, most of which are downstream. Some small diameter Heavy Impurities Cleaner used to separate fine impurities.

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