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3800mm Duplex Paper Machine Price

Duplex paper board has the use for packaging material in some field. In order to meet the specific demand in paper production, we have 3800mm duplex paper machine with the price and technical data. And we have paper pulp making line for paper mill project.

3800mm Duplex Paper Machine Price & Details

1. Paper grade: duplex paper
2. Trimmed width: 3800mm
3. Working speed: 300m/min
4. Basic weight: 220 – 350gsm
5. Production capacity: 250t/d
6. Price: less cost, negotiable
7. Advantages: excellent stability, realiable operation, high quality, save energy, etc.

Other requirements to produce duplex paper, our engineer can design the professional proposal for you. And there are a lot of customers adopt our compelete paper making line, including pulping process machine for paper mill project.

For the more information about 3800mm duplex paper machine price, email or message us with your requirements and demands. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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