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Culture A4 Copy Paper Machine Price

The fact is that culture A4 copy paper is in great demand in office, school, etc. As a professional manufacturer, Leizhan provides culture A4 copy paper machine and full set of pulping machine, which has low investment and high return rate for paper mill.

Culture A4 Copy Paper Machine Main Parts

1. Headbox: Through regulate and control input pulp main pipe inflow pressure and lip’s opening degree to control and stabilize of sizing head and consistency.

2. Wire section: Consists of breast roll, forming plate, dehydration plate, vacuum box, couch roll, driven roller, guide roll.etc.

3. Press section: Divided into main press and carrier roller press. Main press is double roll press, equipped with guide felt roll and felt suction box, and with top & bottom felt.Pressure method of the part is corrugated tire pressure.

4.Drying section:Single transmission, equipped with dry wire and guide wire roll, one piece of clean doctor blade.Pressured way is gravity pressure and air cylinder pressure.

5. Reeling section: Pneumatic horizontal type winding machine, air cylinder pressure.

With years of experience and excellent engineers, Leizhan designs and manufactures pulp&paper machine with high performance and long service life. Any needs about paper machine, feel free to email us.
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