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Bangladesh 20TPD Tissue Paper Making Line

In November, 2017, for Bangladesh 20tpd tissue paper making, Leizhan deliver the paper pulping equipment to Bangladesh for paper pulp and tissue paper making. The
paper pulping equipment contains hydrapulper equipment, high density cleaner, fiber separator, vibrating screen, inflow pressure screen, chest agitator, pulp pump and so on.
Leizhan as a professional manufacturer, can supply the complete paper pulping equipment and paper making machine.

Paper Pulping Equipment

Hydrapulper equipment: Mainly for raw material pulping.

High Density Cleaner: Mainly for pulp cleaning, for removing heavy impurities in the pulp.

Fiber Separator Equipment: Mainly for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp.

Vibrating Screen: Mainly for screening and removing impurities.

Inflow Pressure Screen: Mainly used before paper machine for pulp screening.

Customer Information

Customer: Bangladesh

Time: November, 2017

Project: 20TPD Tissue Paper Making


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