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HXS Series Curved Screen


Model: HXS1 HXS2 HXS3
Area: m2 1.26 2.52 3.78
Inlet pulp pressure: Mpa 0.15-0.25
Inlet pulp  concentration (%) 2.5
 Throughput (concentrated slurry): m3/h   72-108 144-216 216-324
Throughput (white water recovery): m3/h 108-180 216-360 324-540
Screen cut (concentrated slurry): mm 0.15-0.3
Screen cut (white water recovery): mm 0.05-0.2
The pressure of wash water: Mpa 0.5-1
Water consumption: m3/h 6 12 18


In paper production line for paper mill project, HXS series curved screen can be used in pulping process, screening and cleaning system, fiber fractionating, etc.


1. In pulping line, this HXS series can recover fiber by the treatment of white water.
2. In screening and cleaning system, it can be used for thickening of accept pulp and tailings pulp.
3. White water purification and purification and reuse of press water of paper machine.
4. For long and short fibers, curved screen can fractionate. And it also could separate large fiber bundles. Separation of fiber and filler.
5. Used for sewage treatment by removing solid suspended solids.

HXS Series Curved Screen

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