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Pulp Washing Process

The purpose of the pulp washing is to separate the waste from the pulp to facilitate the subsequent treatment of the slurry and the treatment of the waste, so it’s very vital for improving quality of pulp in paper pulping process, there are some influencing factors we should care in pulp washing process.

Pulp Washing Influencing factors

Temperature: Raise the temperature during the washing process reduces the viscosity of the filtrate accordingly, thereby increase the filtration rate and the diffusion rate.This can be done by hot water washing to speed up the washing process.

Pressure: Increase the pressure difference during the washing process can improve the filtration rate, thus speed the washing and get the high concentration of black liquor. However, excessive pressure may also compress the pulp layer, so that the capillary diameter becomes smaller, increase filtration resistance, but lower the speed of washing.

Pulp Resistance: The pulp resistance depends on the nature of the pulp and the thickness of the pulp. The thickness of the pulp layer is directly related to the speed of filtration and diffusion,increase the thickness of the pulp will increase the resistance of filtration and diffusion, and it is bound to extend the washing time or reduce the washing quality.

Pulp Hardness: During the washing process the greater the pulp hardness,the lower the washing rate.

Pulp: Generally long fiber pulp filter water performance is good, easy to wash.

Pulp Washing High-speed Stock Washer

Leizhan High-speed Stock Washer mainly used for washing and concentrating in various domestic and overseas waste recycled pulp,chemical pulp before or after bleaching.The advantage of high efficiency dewatering, large production capacity,and low power consumption.

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Pulp Washing Process

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