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Drum Pulping Equipment For Jingshan paper Industry

In May, 2017, Leizhan paper machinery company successfully delivery a set of drum pulping equipment for Jiangxi jingshan paper Industry, China. Leizhan company is always committed to paper and pulp equipment, the main pulping equipment includes Drum pulper, D-type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Middle pressure screen, etc.

Drum Pulper Equipmemt

Drum Pulper is mainly used for pulping and coarse screening of waste paper. Gentle pulping, won’t broke fiber and impurities, and improve index of finished paper, reduce pressure of following equipment to remove impurities. Low operating current–energy saving, no quick wear parts–low operation cost.

Customer information

Customer: Jiangxi jingshan Paper Industry

Time: May, 2017

Project: Drum Pulping Equipment

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