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White Shavings Processing For Tissue Making

Many customers trust our group and product, our company supply white shavings processing line machine for paper mill. The white shavings processing line machine has already brought them more benefits, meanwhile we also supply paper machine spare parts.

White Shavings Processing Line Details

1. Pulping: the white shavings are transported to the D-type hydrapulper for pulping.
2. Cleaning: Use high density cleaner agent to clean heavy pollutants in pulp.
3. Washing: Inclined thickener can be applied for pulp washing and thickening.
4. Refining: conical refiner and double disc refiner are applied to cut long fibers into short fibers, suitable for papermaking.
5. Finally, the inflow pressure screen before the paper machine will be applied for the fine screen of pulp.
6. Main equipment: D type hydrapulper, high density cleaner, conical refiner, double disc refiner, inflow pressure screen

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