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Tissue Paper Towels Making

Tissue paper making machine use commodity wood pulp as material to make high-grade household paper, such as tissue roll, napkin tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towel. The paper towels use wood fiber as material is widely making in paper mills, it’s the tissue paper making product in common use all over the world.

Goog Quality Paper Towels

1. Paper Towel Absorbency: Paper towels main source is the cellulose fibers. Cellulose can soak up lot of water molecule though the bonding this is the internal water. Besides, there are many microscopic spaces among the cellulose fibers where water can soak up, it’s the external water.

2. Paper Towels Strength: Paper towels strength depends on fiber quality, resin and so on. In this condition virgin fiber is better than recycle fiber.

3. Paper Towels Layer: Layer is also important for paper towels quality. Generally, multiple layers of paper towels absorb more water than single layer of paper towels.

4. Paper Towels Softer: Softer paper towels have larger holes and pockets, they can hold more water than harder one.

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Trimmed Width(mm) 1575-3600

Basic Weight Range(GSM) 13-40

Operating Speed(m/min) 180-800

Production Capacity(TPD) 5-50

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