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Stock Preparation Line Machine Pressure Screen

As our requirements for tissue paper quality continue to increase, many paper mills hope to produce high quality tissue paper, and pulp is critical to this process. Therefore, the stock preparation line machine pressure screen provided by our company plays an important role in tissue paper production. In addition, we also provide complete set of pulping machine for tissue paper project.

Mid-consistency Pressure Screen Details

1. Function
Could screen of various waste paper in coarse and fine screening process.
2. Advantages about it
High efficiency, energy saving, low fiber loss, low maintenance cost, favorable price, etc.
All come from Japanese NSK bearings.
Advanced mechanical seals from USA.
Korean automatic oil filling.
Automatic water filling from Finland.
Screen Baskets from the best manufacturers in China.

Besides middle consistency pressure screen, we also provide high quality pulping equipment such as drum pulper, high density cleaner, reject separator, etc. If you want to install a stock preparation line, please contact us to know about these equipment and technical issues. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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