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Reeling Machine In Tissue Paper Making Project

Reeling machine is mainly applied to cut single-layer rerolled large-sized tissue paper into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer paper. The reeling machine mainly depends on the weight of the paper roll and the rotating friction of the cold cylinder to evenly wrap the paper under the paper roll. Therefore, the paper machine makes the paper more uniform and can meet the needs of different papers.

Reeling Machine Brife Introduction

1. The double roll is rotated upward in the center, and the fixed groove is raised and lowered;
2. Variable frequency motor drive;
3. Adopt constant tension control system; Use photoelectric automatic correction system for aberration correction;
4. Automatic stopping device, emergency stop function, and keeping force unchanged;
5. The drum tension adopts the air-inflating shaft, and the drum tension adopts the air-inflating shaft;
6.Pneumatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic unloading mechanism, and air expansion shaft positioning;
7. Round shear knife can be used to cut materials of different properties;
8. Equipped with a fan to use wind energy to blow the material; Automatically calculates content length.

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