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Raw Materials For Toilet Paper Making

Toilet paper is mainly used for daily hygiene of people, which is in direct contact with the body of human, and its sanitary condition directly affects health of human. The raw materials used to make toilet paper can be divided into several categories, that mainly includes regenerate paper, original pulp paper, pure wood pulp paper.

Pulp Paper For Paper Making

First, regenerate paper: also known as recycled paper, raw materials don’t adopt wood pulp. The paper is screened and filtered by several processes using recycled paper, and use reconstituted pulp for reengineering.

Second, original pulp paper: this paper uses the first pulp, without any external printing pollution, directly using raw materials through the paper making process such as cooking and rinsing to produce a variety of paper, so it is the best.

Third, pure wood pulp paper: it focuses on 100% of pulp raw materials from wood, pure wood pulp paper may be raw pulp paper, may also be recycled paper, with ambiguity. Some manufacturers will feel that the use of recycled paper towels is not white enough, often add fluorescent whitening agent to whiten, they will also use talcum powder due to the recycled paper fiber is not uniform, which can make paper more smooth and delicate.

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