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Pulp Pump Supplier In Paper Making

As we all know, we need to use more than one pulp pump for paper pulping and paper production project. As a excellent supplier, we provide this machine in paper making line for paper mill.

Pulp Pump Supplier In Paper Making Line

1. Pulp pump
Application: transport liquid or solid materials in paper making, such as slurry.
Advantages: long service life, high efficiency, energy saving, no blockage, etc.
2. Leizhan supplier information
We have the aim of “professional technology, service for paper making”. With 40 years experience, we supply unit set of paper making line machine. Meanwhile, all of our equipment has high quality with certification of ISO, BV, etc.

Do you need more details about pulp pump supplier or the price and details in paper making line? Certainly, we also supply vacuum pump, and paper machine spare parts. Contact us for your paper mill.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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