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Pulp And Paper Making Low Density Cleaner

The pulp equipment low density cleaner is widely applied in the pulp and paper industry, the cleaner can be divided into 3-4 parts, which easy to separate, assemble and replace. The advantages of low density cleaner are high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, long service life and so on.

Low Density Cleaner Details

1. Function
Remove heavy impurities such as gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles from the pulp. Its position is applied before fine screen and after coarse screen.
2. Type: 5 model, KH series
3. Inlet consistency: 0.3 – 1.5%
4. Working principle: Rely on centrifugal force to separate waste impurities and fiber separation.

Our pulping machines have been sold to many customers at home and abroad. We provide not only low density cleaner, but also other equipment like pressure screen, refiner. Welcome to contact us to learn more details about low density cleaner.

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