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Paper Sheet Break Of Paper Machine

Paper sheet break is a frequent phenomenon in paper making process, it will have a great impact on paper machine production efficiency and finished paper qualdity.

Paper Sheet Break Reason

Paper sheet break in paper machine production line mainly depends on the instability of paper sheet tension control, the control of paper sheet tension is decided by paper machine tension control system, therefore, when the breakage occurs, the tension control system of paper machine needs to be stabilized, tension control of paper machine is divided into direct tension control and indirect tension control, different tension control method used in different paper machine.

High-speed paper machine mainly is direct tension control. Direct tension control is that installing paper tension sensor in guide roller of transmission part, so that can detect the size of paper sheet tension, and then control the paper sheet tension by programmable controller, then can ensure the stability of paper sheet tension to ensure stable running of paper machine in paper making process, greatly improving production efficiency.


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