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In response to the needs of small and medium-sized paper mills, our engineers designed a 25tpd toilet paper production line machine with high efficiency and stable operation. In addition, you can also choose our pulping equipment in this process, which can also help you save energy and produce high quality pulp.

Toilet Paper Machine Details

1. Toilet paper making machine
Paper kind: toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper
Trimmed width: 2400 – 2880mm
Production capacity: 25t/d
2. Pulp making machine overview
Hydrapulper: break all kinds of pulp board, waste paper.
High density cleaner: remove various heavy impurities from the pulp.
Refiner: improving the beating degree to satify the paper making requirements.
Agatator: stir pulp cyclically in chest to ensure the pulp components even distribution.

Our 25tpd toilet paper production line machine have been installed in many customer projects. If you have any questions about papermaking or want to know more details about our toilet paper production line equipment, welcome to contact us in your spare time.  Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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