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In recent years, the trend of using waste paper for pulping and papermaking has become more and more obvious. In order to reduce investment and increase fiber utilization while increasing productivity, our company is equipped with the latest disc refiner in the waste paper pulping line. Our disc refiner are efficient and cost-effective for paper mill projects.

Double Disc Refiner Introduction

1. Type: RF series
2. How many type: 5
3. Applicable raw materials: It is suitable for wood pulp, mechanical pulp, chemcial pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
4. Advantages: It features excellent and stable batting degree, energy saving advantages, precise return mechanism, continuous power control system, and easy operation.
5. Customer’s feedback: After using it, customers said that pulping quality was improved and energy consumption was reduced.

Many customers adopt our pulping equipment disc refiner at low cost. The best part is that they get huge benefits. So far, our pulping line equipment has been installed in many paper mills.

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