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High-Speed Stock Washer Machine

Stock washing and concentration are an important part of the production for many paper pulp making industries, High-Speed Stock Washer Machine is a ideal pulp wash equipment for washing and concentrating various kinds of waste recycled pulp, chemical pulp before or after bleaching in paper pulping process.

High-Speed Stock Washer Structure

High-Speed Stock Washer Equipment mainly consists of breast roll, coucher, screen, into the stock system, drainage system, spray system, drive device and rack, cover and other components.

Breast Roll: Can effectively prevent stock splash due to the wire roll high-speed operation.

Coucher: Supply uneven pressing of the stock produced by grooved roll.

Screen: To prevent the net running deviation.

Cover: The role of cover is to collect the off water to prevent the water splash and affect the working environment.

High-Speed Stock Washer Feature

1. High efficiency of out impurities

2. High dewatering efficiency

3. Washed pulp mass uniformly

4. Small occupation, large capacity

5. Small power consumption, low cost of installation

6. Simple operation, saving manpower

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