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Factors Affecting Performance Of Hydrapulper

In the working process of hydrapulper, there is no solution and no cutting effect on fiber; with it’s features of high product efficiency, short dissolving time and low power consumption. Hydrapulper can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp paper, realize continuous and automated operation. At the same time, there are also some factors may have an impact on hydrapulper performance.

Several Effect Composition

1.Temperature. After the temperature is raised, waste paper will be softened, and slurry easily absorbs moisture and disintegrates, particularly those that are resized or printed with ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp is reduced by an increase in temperature, and has good fluidity, thereby promoting the disintegration of the pulp.

2.Concentration. It is favorable to increase the disintegration concentration while ensuring good slurry circulation. It is known from experiments that the concentration has a linear relationship with the power consumption, but energy consumption per unit of output decreases with increasing concentration, and has little effect on disintegration effect.

3.Time of disintegration. Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective fragmentation interval. Exceeding this interval, the improvement of resolution rate will be very small; it is uneconomical to attempt to prolong the time to improve fragmentation effect. Therefore, disintegration time must be controlled to operate within a valid time frame.

4.Nature of raw materials. The disintegration effect is different due to the difference in water swell ability and fiber binding ability of various syrups treated.

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