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Disc Refiner For Pulp Making

Our company’s pulp equipment double disc refiner can improve the refining degree of pulp, and you can adopt disc refiner to make pulp and paper using different materials. Many paper mill customers have adopt our company’s disc refiner in their paper making projects.

Disc Refiner Details

1. Range of op.consistency: 3.5-6.0%
2. Suitable for various raw material: wood pulp, waste paper pulp, mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, etc.
3. Features: constant power control, accurate retract mechanism, can be installed various tooth refiner plates.
4. About our company: We are a manufacturer and supplier in the paper industry. We engaged in a complete set of pulp and paper equipment.

As a manufacturer with rich experience, we offer professional technology and services. Please contact us for a quote and more information on paper mill double disc refiner. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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