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Complete Tissue Paper Mill Machine Cost

In paper industry, we provide complete tissue paper mill machine, including cost, technical solution, flow chart, etc. These equipment contains paper pulping line machine and tissue paper making machinery.

Complete Tissue Paper Mill Machine Cost Details

1. Paper pulp making line
Provide full paper pulp making line, such as pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, etc.
2. Tissue paper equipment
Paper grade: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper
Trimmed width: 1575 – 3600mm
Production capacity: 5 – 50t/d
Basis weight: 13 – 40gsm
Operating speed: 180 – 800m/min
3. Cost
For purchaser, cost and quality are important. Because we are an excellent manufacturer, we can give you great cost. As for quality, its great performance has been proved by lots of customers from paper mill in paper industry.

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