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Air Cushion Headbox Machine

Air Cushion Headbox is widely used in paper machine, so what’s the air cushion headbox machine operation requirements should be noted?

Air Cushion Headbox Operation Requirements

1. Channels manufactured by the user shall use stainless steel and all the parts that have direct contact with the pulp shall be precisely and intensively polished.

2. Between the inlet flange of the headbox and the last elbow of the approach channel, the straight channel shall be no less than 8D.

3. Pulp quality shall be good and the supply pressure shall be stable, pressure changes<200Pa, air content<0.3%(mas percentage rate).

4. Consistency of the approach pulp flow shall be stable and differences at the pressure screen outlet<0.3%.

5. The headbox shall be operated according to the flow range and process conditions agreed under the technical proposal.


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