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20TPD Tissue Paper Production Line Machine

Tissue paper is very important in our daily life, when we choose a paper machine to make to tissue paper, most of us are curious about its operating capabilities, such as raw material, product capacity and working speed. Next I would like to introduce this 20tpd tissue paper production line machine.

20TPD Tissue Paper Making Machine

Raw material: Waste paper
Paper type: Tissue paper
Basis weight: 16-22gsm
Production capacity: 20t/d
Wire width: 2600mm
Operating speed:200-400m/min
Design speed:200-400m/min

In tissue paper production line, we provide advanced pulp and paper equipment to bring more profits to paper mill. Whether you are looking to launch a new tissue paper production line or customize another project, our experienced team will not let you down. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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