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1880mm Tissue Paper Machine

1880mm tissue paper machine use the raw stock, wastebook, white shavings as material for 5-7tpd tissue paper, napkin paper, facial paper making, the paper width is 1880mm-2000mm. There are the tissue paper machine production line details.

1880mm Tissue Paper Machine Specification

Paper Type: Tissue Paper, Napkin Paper, Facial Paper

Raw Material: Raw stock, wastebook, white shavings

Net Width: 1880-2000mm

Production Capacity: 5-7tpd

Base Weight: 15-40g/m2

Working Speed: 100-180m/min

Gauge: 2800mm

Tissue Paper Pulping Process

Raw Material Conveying — Paper Pulping — Pulp Cleaning — Pulp Screening — Pulp Refining — Pulp Screening Before Paper Machine


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