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Toilet Tissue Paper Making Pulping Machine

Tissue paper is a kind of paper that consumes a lot everyday.Compared with packaging paper,it has more simple manufacturing process, so numerous worldwide customers want to start tissue paper project. Leizhan provides paper mills with complete set of tissue paper production line machine. More details are described as follows.

Toilet Tissue Paper Pulping Machine Details

1.Chain conveyor: To transport raw materials to the next processing. We supply chain conveyors with chain plate widths from 1200mm to 2600 mm, with a feeding capacity of 60 m3-600 m3 / h.
2.Hydrapulper: D type hydrapulper is suitable for the shredding solution of all raw materials, with small investment, small footprint and continuous pulping. What’s more, we also provide other pulping equipment, such as drum pulper, M.C. hydrapulper, etc.
3.Cleaner: High density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities such as staples, stones, glass, etc. In order to reduce maintenance and increase service life, the equipment body uses a wear-resistant ceramic lining and a stainless steel shell.
4.Refiner: Adopt double disc refiner and conical refiner. The equipment have two refiner area and four discs,which is easy to install,check, repair or replace.
5.Auxiliary equipment: Pump is making the pulp into next step from last step, and the Agitator can prevent fiber flocculation.

All of the paper&pulp machine and spare parts can be available in Leizhan.If you want to start tissue paper making project or upgrade your machine to get better paper, email us or leave your requirements on this website, we will provide technical support as soon as possible. Email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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