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Tissue paper making line

The process of tissue paper is much simple than Kraft paper,corrugated paper and other paper,however, it is also include paper pulp making line and paper making line.We usually choose commodity wood pulp,straw or bagasse as material to make tissue paper.

Tissue paper Pulp making line Process

1. Pulping: The raw material were put into the hydrapulper for pulping.
2. Cleaning: The stock pulp may be contained some impurities,so we use the high density cleaner to remove these impurities.
3. Remove water: We use incline screen to remove the water contained in the pulp.
4. Refining: The pulp removed water will enter the refiner to grading,so the fiber will be cut more shorter.

Tissue paper making machine’s structure is also simple, which is just include single cylinder,single dryer cylinder,rewinding machine and other felt leading roll.Welcome email us for further details.

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