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Inflow Pressure Screen In Paper Production Line

Inflow pressure screen is an advanced pulp screening equipment in paper production line, which has great ability of fine screening function and low pulse, especially suitable as the net filter before paper machine. Besides inflow pressure screen, Leizhan also supplies all kinds of paper and pulp making machine in paper industry.

Inflow Pressure Screen In Paper Production Line Main Advantages

1.Low motor power , high production capacity, long service life.

2.Double screen drums inside and outside, smooth flow of accepted pulp and  low pulse

3.High screening efficiency, miniaturized structure and low energy consumption.

The whole set of pulp and paper machine in paper production line can be offered by Leizhan company. If you need any details on our products, feel free to contact us or leave your contact info.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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