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High Density Cleaner For Waste Paper Recycle Line

By over 40 years paper making industry experience, We provide this paper pulp cleaning equipment which has high suffiency, large capacity and low loss. This cleaner will bring you convenience and benefits in your paper making process. More details about it are as follows:

Main advantages of high density cleaner

1.Volute pulp inflow champer, the eddy ability if strong and low pressure area subarea is obvious
2.Wear resistance ceramics cone, long service life
3.Specially designed long cone has small taper angle and fine cleaning efficiency
4.Equipped with PLC control cabinet, convenient to control, suffiently discharging impurites

Information of high density cleaner

1.Concentration of input pulp: 2%-5%
2.Pressure of input pulp: 0.15mpa- 0.35mpa
3.Pressure of output pulp: 0.1mpa- 0.25mpa
4.Pressure of backwash water: pressure of input pulp+0.02mpa

Leizhan Paper Pulp Machinery Company has been a consistant leader in manufacturing paper pulp equipment since 1980. We specializes in complete set of screening, slag removal, pulping and refining equipment. You can select the equipment that you need with highest level of performance and reasonable price.About this cleaner or any other equipment, if you need further imformation,  feel free to contact us. Email:leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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