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Fiber Separator For Waste Paper Recycling Mill

As a waste paper processing equipment,fiber separator uses the difference in specific gravity between waste paper pulp and impurities to remove light and heavy impurities in waste paper raw materials.

Fiber separator is compact in structure and high in efficiency, which integrates defibering, impurity removal and screening, greatly simplifies the process and reduces the energy consumption. It is a necessary equipment for the production of high and medium grade paper.

Main Features of Fiber Separator

1.In the case of low power consumption, low fiber loss, and low chemical consumption, the waste paper is relieved into fibers.
2.Control the regular discharge of heavy sundries through the electrical control box, high efficiency
3.The materail of machine has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance.

The complete set of pulping machine provided by Leizhan can be seen in many countries, such as Ghana, Iran, Russia, etc. We have always insisted on supplying top-quality, reliable machine. If you have any further question about fiber separator or papermaking process, welcome to email us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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