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Drum Pulper For The Corrugated Paper Making Line

In the stock preparation line for corrugated paper making, drum pulper plays an important role. The drum pulper integrates continuous gentle pulping and coarse screen under high consistency, which reduces the burden of subsequent equipment. It’s very suitable for making corrugated paper. Our Customers are high praised for its sufficient fiber relif and its low energy consumption. Meanwhile, Our company Leizhan supplys other pulping machine and corrugated paper making machine for clients.

More Details About Drum Pulper for Corrugated Paper Making

1. High consistency (14 ~ 18%) continuous pulping, energy saving
2. High removal rate of impurities, low fine fiber loss
3. Wide range of use, suitable for deinking pulp and undeinking pulp
4. Equipped with auxiliary drive, improve the reliability of equipment operation
5. The part in contact with the pulp is made of stainless steel

Our drum pulper has been installed into numerous corrugated paper making line. As one of leading company in the industry, Leizhan has been designing and manufacturing the best quality machines with the richest experience and technology. We will support you for your corrugated paper making project. Sincerely welcome to contact us at all hours. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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