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Bale Breaker For Paper Manufacturing Line

There’re several efficient machine in waste paper recycling line, like bales breaker,pulp cleaner,pressure screen,refiner,etc. And our company Leizhan is able to design and manufacture all the paper&pulping machine. Bales breaker is used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting.It can remove impurities to reduce wear to the following equipment.

Paper Manufacturing Line Bale Breaker Features

1.The hole of drum can remove smaller impurities in waste paper under dry condition.

2.Different capacity and drum diameter to meet our customers’ requirements, easy operation

3.Dry screening removes impurities, reduces equipment abrasion and improves accepts quality.

As a leading professional company, Leizhan provides full technical support, including the whole proposal, foundation drawings, installation support and after-sale service. Welcome to email us.
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