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50T Multi Cylinder Kraft Paper Machine

These years, for the increase in demand of kraft paper, Leizhan company designs and manufactures 50t kraft paper machine, which runs efficiently to produce popular kraft paper in the market.It will save cost and create great profits for paper mill.

Technical Data of 50t Multi Cylinder Kraft Paper Machine

Raw material: OCC
Output Paper: Kraft paper, Testliner paper
Trimmed Width: 2400mm
Basis Weight: 160-200g/㎡
Workinging Speed: 80-120m/min
Production Capacity: 50t/d
Running time:22.5h
Drive way:AC variable frequency, section drive

With years of high-quality, stable paper&pulp machine from Leizhan, our global customers are constantly growing.Welcome to email us if you want any details.Our experienced engineers will give you suitable proposal.
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