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360T/D 5 Layer Corrugated Paper Machine

5-layer corrugated paper is mainly introduced as a very common packaging material in high demand. Many customers order Leizhan 360t/d 5-layer corrugated paper machine. The 360t / d 5-layer corrugated paper machine works continuously to produce high-yield corrugated paper with low cost, bringing more profits to your paper mill. In addition, our company also provides clients with a full set of pulping machine.

Detailed Information of 360T/D 5 Layer Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper grade: Corrugated/Fluting paper
2. Trimmed width: 4800mm
3. Production capacity: 360t/d
4. Operating speed: 500m/min
5. Drive pattern: AC variable frequency speed regulation

Leizhan company is a leading enterprise in the paper industry, specializing in the production of complete sets of pulp and paper machinery. Most of our customers not only ordered five-layer corrugated paper machines, but also ordered a full set of pulp equipment after they got to visit our company. More than 50 highly skilled engineers and 40 years of experience will be your best support. Welcome to email us for more details.Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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