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3600mm Packaging Paper Making Line

Commodity packaging paper is widely used in the market and has a large demand. Lei Zhen provides complete equipment for packaging paper making projects. The 3600mm packaging paper machine uses waste paper as raw material, which has been installed in many paper factories at home and abroad. It is great to hear our customers say that our full set of machine has created considerable profits for them and reduced maintenance costs.

3600mm Packaging Paper Machine Technical Data

  • Paper Basic Weight: 360~550g/㎡
  • Raw material:OCC
  • Headbox lip width: 3900mm
  • Work speed: 160~250m/min
  • Capacity:450t/d

Pulp Making Line Of 3600mm Packaging Paper Machine

waste paper → D Type HydrapulperHigh Density CleanerM.C Pressure Screen → Light Impurity Separator→ Reject SeparatorLow Density Cleaner → Fine Pressure Screen→ Double Disc RefinerInflow Pressure Screen

As a leading enterprise, Leizan has advanced technology and rich experience.If you want to start a packaging and paper project, our engineers can design this machine depending on your requirements. No matter what information you want to know, please feel free to email us.

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