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2800mm Packaging Paper Making Machine

Packaging paper is widely applied in commercial goods packaging. Leizhan company provides the detailed solution of packing paper making project. 2800mm Packaging Paper Making Machine use waste paper as material to produce high strength packaging paper, which has been installed in many paper recycling mills at home and abroad. It is great to hear our customers say that this machine has created considerable profits and reduced maintenance costs for them.

Main Information of 2800mm Packaging Paper Machine

1. Basis weight: 120-190g/m2

2. Working speed: 380m/min

3. Production capacity: 350t/d

4. Rail space: 3800mm

Pulp making line of packaging paper

waste paper → hydrapulper → high density cleaner → pressure screen → light impurity separator→ reject separator → pressure screen → double disc pulp refiner → inflow pressure screen

As the leading company, Leizhan has many advanced technology and rich experience.If you want to start a packaging paper making project,our engineer could design the machine depend on your requirements. There’re more details about this packaging paper making machine and its pulp making line. No matter what information you want to know,  feel free to send email to us. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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