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2200mm Fourdrinier Kraft Paper Making Machine

There is a wide application of kraft paper, like packaging paper, envelopes, paper bags,etc.Therefore, many cilents open kraft paper project. Our company Leizhan offers 2200mm fourdrinier kraft paper making machine and complete set of pulping line equipment. The 2200mm fourdrinier kraft paper making machine is energy-saving, cost-saving and high efficient to produce top quality kraft paper in the market.

Basis Information of 2200mm Fourdrinier Kraft Paper Machine

1. Details of fourdrinier kraft paper machine
Raw materail: Waste paper, Wood pulp
Production capacity: 240t/d
Trimmed width: 2200mm
Operating speed: 280m/min

2. Fourdrinier kraft paper pulping line equipment
Chain conveyor, M.C. hydrapulper, High density cleaner, M.C.pressure screen, Reject separator,Low density cleaner, Refiner, etc

Leizhan company specializes in pulp and paper industry for years. The customers bought our fourdrinier kraft paper machine and pulping line equipment have made long-term relationship with us for we have advanced products and superior service. Other details about how to start kraft paper making project, welcome to contact us at any time. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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