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Stock Preparation System For Vietnam’s Living Paper Project

Date: 2023-12-19


Good news, Vietnam has successfully signed another contract with Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. According to the contract between the two parties, Leizhan company will provide Vietnam with a complete set of living paper stock preparation system equipment. Leizhan’s equipment has been installed in place and debugging will begin immediately.

Cooperation Information

It is understood that the equipment supplied this time includes: bale open conveyor, middle consistency hydrapulper, RF double disc refiner, NLS low-pulseinflow pressure screen, vibrating screen, JB series agitator and other equipment. Leizhan company will show to paper industry and attract more paper mill to expand market.

The cooperation between Zhengzhou Lezan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. and Vietnam will not only promote technological progress and product innovation in the paper industry, but also open up a new development path. Welcome to call us for more details. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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